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Bed Bug Control in Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas

Bed Bug Removal in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville, Gonzales, Etc.

Although there are lots of pests plaguing residents in Louisiana, bed bugs are some of the worst. They may be small, but these tiny little bugs create a mighty menace, infiltrating every nook and cranny of your home and biting you and your family during the night. Let All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions offer you the quality bed bug control that can keep your house secure.

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All the Locations Where Bed Bugs May Be Hiding

The reason that bed bugs are so hard to locate and then eliminate if you do not have professional support is that they do not actually just live inside beds. Due to the misnomer of “bed bugs,” many residents have no idea that bed bugs may be hiding in many other areas, such as people’s mattresses, box springs, blankets, pillowcases, and sheets. It is very easy to find these creatures lurking about near any place where warm blooded bodies like people and pets, sleep, rest, lay or sit. Such places include, furniture, walls, on the picture frames, and within the cracks and crevices of ceilings.

Bed bugs’ peak feeding time is between 2am and 5am but they can emerge to feed anytime during the day or night when they need a blood meal, which can be devastating to you and your pet’s skin’s health and well-being.

Because it is hard to find bed bugs themselves, you should keep an eye out for other problematic signs, such as:

  • Small pearl white bed bug eggs about the size of a pin head 
  • Skin like pieces of their exoskeletons they shed as they grow
  • Very dark marks again about the size of a pin head left from their feces, called fecal smears
  • Stains of human blood on the sheets, blankets, and pillowcases
  • In some cases, an unpleasant smell coming from bed bug urine

Why Bed Bug Treatment Needs to Be Handled by Professionals

When you suddenly discover bed bugs in your property, the last thing you will want to do is let them hang around, continuing to grow in their level of infestation. Nevertheless, before you run over to the local hardware store or supermarket to grab a can of bed bug spray, it is important to remember just how difficult these creatures are to find. Likely, you will end up treating them ineffectively, wasting a lot of money on killing only a few of the invaders, while a whole host remains safe in other hidden locations.

In addition, Bed Bug control requires a multifaceted approach requiring the latest products and equipment, with the knowledge on what method to use and where to use it. Not all houses or buildings are like a cookie cutter; they are different, which requires the professional to adapt. With our techs at All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions, you can be sure that your bed bug problem is resolved.

Simply call us today at (225) 263-6617 or contact us online, and you will be happy to discover that your issue will disappear with All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions’ quality bed bug control.

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