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Mosquito Control in Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas

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Are you in need of thorough mosquito control in Baton Rouge? There has already been a great influx of these nagging pest as of late, due to the warmer weather and the amount of rainfall that we have been experiencing. The fact that they can breed so rapidly makes them doubly hard to get rid of, so you should take action at once by speaking to a team of professionals, like our techs at All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions.

Reach out to us now at (225) 263-6617 to benefit from a complimentary estimate for getting rid of stubborn mosquitos. Don’t forget to ask about our Termite and Pest Bundles!

Where Mosquitos Can Be Found Around Your Louisiana Property

The first step of getting rid of mosquitos is discovering exactly where they are lurking and where they are breeding and laying their eggs. Otherwise, all the citronella candles and store-bought sprays in the world are only temporarily masking the problem. Many residents know that mosquitos tend to love wet places or spots with standing water, such as pools, fountains, and birdbaths. The trouble is that mosquitos are fully capable of laying their eggs in even smaller “bodies” of water. Such spots can even range from a bit of water left in a child’s toy truck after rain to water that has seeped into the grass from your garden hose. 

Still, other places you could find mosquitos may be under bushes, within tree branches and roots, in the conduit for cables, or within your gutter system. There is no place they won’t go, so long as a bit of moisture has gathered for more 5 days. To discover all the many places where a mosquito might breed and your treatment options, you should speak to trustworthy pest experts at once, so they can perform a thorough inspection.

Why Rapid Mosquito Treatment Is Crucial

Mosquitos are some of the fastest multiplying insects around.  The Female Mosquito has on average, a lifespan of about 6 weeks with adequate food and harborage. Each female mosquito can lay on average, 100 eggs daily. That could mean about 700 new mosquitos in a week - just from a single mosquito.  Delaying treatment means that you are going to have a much worse infestation on your hands, which simply never goes away.

Do not delay your mosquito treatment but speak to our techs at All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions as soon as you can.

Just get in touch with us today at (225) 263-6617 or contact us online, and you can discover the relief that comes from mosquito control in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Don’t forget to ask about our Termite and Pest/Mosquito Bundles!

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