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Spider Control in Baton Rouge and Surrounding Area

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Many people fear spiders over any other living creature, even though several species are absolutely harmless. Even if you do not have a fear of spiders, you certainly don’t want to deal with those messy webs that accumulate in the corners of rooms. If you are sick and tired of being overrun by these invaders, seek out reliable spider control in Baton Rouge provided by our techs at All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions.

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How to Locate Common Spider Entry Spots

Pesticides alone will not give you the amount of spider control you desire. At All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions, we work with the homeowner to achieve maximum control, which may mean some methods that involve the homeowner making some changes. We will perform a thorough assessment of your home to determine the best course of action.  

Spider specialists are also able to tell what type of spider is infesting your house, which is an important step because it can explain where that species is living and how it is entering the property. Although many people assume that spiders like building their webs in corners of the ceilings, they are unaware of the fact that other kinds of spiders are more likely to be found close to the ground or lurking in boxes and other stored items. Professional pest control techs are ready to step in with the right solution for your spider issue. 

Types of Dangerous Spiders in Baton Rouge

In the state of Louisiana, you can find around 32 species of spiders, some of which are native to this location or were transported in by people by accident. Although all spiders use venom to stun their prey, the amount of poison contained within their bites is so negligible that it is usually harmless to people. 

The only spiders in Louisiana that are known for the severe consequences of their bites include black widows, brown widows, and brown recluses. These spiders can cause nerve damage, muscle damage, and other health issues, so you should always seek out support if you discover an infestation of these species.

At All Southern Pest & Termite Solutions, we can help identify and eliminate these persistent pests, so they stop creating havoc in your home. 

Get in touch with us today at (225) 263-6617 or contact our team online to discover how our spider control experts can help. Don’t forget to ask about our Termite and Pest Bundles!

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